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Enamel keychain



1, 2D graphic design pure metal keychain, modeling imitating animal butterfly wings, rich in colors with soft enamel infiiled , can be used as travel souvenirs and promotional items

2. Pure metal keychain design, with epoxy protection on the front, and the large area of flat metal on the back, making the product even more high-quality after electroplating gold.

3. The metal pendant and the large flat ring are connected by a double-layer small ring, which is firmly assembled and not easy to fall off.

4. In addition to the pure metal keychain with butterfly wings, the product is also assembled with a small butterfly pattern and metal tag. The flat ring can be lasered with different company names and slogans.

5. The pure metal keychain product uses zinc alloy material, and the raw materials of the product conform to the European and American conventional testing standards, which is environmentally friendly and safe.

Material: zinc alloy

Size: big butterfly 55*40*2mm

        Little butterfly: 24*17*2mm

        Tag 38*14*2mm

Production process: die-casting, full polishing, plating imitation gold

Color: soft enamel with epoxy

Packing method: paper card + OPP bag

Minimum order quantity: 500

Brand: Custom

Purpose: Hang keys, or hang on the bag as decoration, for collection

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