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Metal keychain



1. The 3D solid metal keychain restores the iconic eagle pattern in the HBO TV series "Game of Thrones". The product can be used for souvenir collection or daily decoration.

2. The raw material used in the  metal keychain product is zinc alloy material, which meets environmental protection standards and can pass conventional tests in Europe and America.

3.  metal keychain, concave-convex design, the surface of the product is processed by electroplating and vibration after die-casting, creating a retro effect and adding a sense of age.

4,The clip accessory used by the keychain allows us to simply put the keychain to our backpack, which is convenient to use.

5. Pure metal keychains can be selected in different shapes, and multiple LOGOs of different designs are added to form a pure metal keychain set after assembly, which is better used as a promotional and souvenir for various organizations and institutions.

Material: zinc alloy

Size: 45*45*6MM

Production process: die-casting, black dyeing, Barrel polishing

Color entry: None

Packing method: paper card + OPP bag, flannel bag, etc.

Minimum order quantity: 500

Brand: Game of Thrones

Uses: bag decorations, commemorative collections

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