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1. The Red Cross metal medal is embossed on the front with the Red Cross LOGO filled and glued to make the Red Cross logo more prominent, with a 2D effect on the back.

2. The product is made of zinc alloy, which meets European and American conventional testing standards, and is environmentally friendly and safe.

3. The metal medal is assembled from the main body zinc alloy part + accessory webbing. The main zinc alloy part uses the ancient bronze plating effect to make the product look more solemn. The back of the webbing belt with a pin can be worn on the chest.

4. Metal medals are often used in commendation meetings for companies/industry/a certain field. They can also be used to commemorate someone's outstanding contribution to certain things.

Material: zinc alloy

Size: 50*30*5MM

Production process: die casting

Into the color: paint

Packing method: gift box

Minimum order quantity: 500

Brand: None

Purpose: Used to commend or commemorate people who have outstanding contributions

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