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Hard Enamel pin



1. The enamel badge uses simple black and white to reflect the LOGO of the entire badge, and the black part is metal treatment. The white color is enamel, which is integrated with each other, which is natural and customized for a certain certification awarding event. 2. The product is made of iron, which has passed the conventional environmental protection tests in Europe and America, and meets environmental protection standards.

3. Enamel badge process, press and punch out the embryo shape, insert the enamel, after polishing, the surface is finally electroplated with black nickel.

4. The back of the enamel badge has a sand bottom effect, with a nickel-colored high-end flat head cap, which is practical and beautiful.

Material: Iron

Size: 35*351.5MM

Production process: steel die punching, enamel, front side polishing, black nickel plating on the surface.

Into the color: 1 color

Packing: OPP bag/plastic box/manual box

Minimum order quantity: 1000

Brand: None

Uses: wear on the chest, or collect souvenirs

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