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1. The school emblem's lotus shape + hollow design better reflects the school's slogan "Stop to the best". The lotus leaves the silt without staining, which is the purpose of the school;

2. The design of the center position of the school badge integrates the university logo into this product. It is exquisite and does not violate the harmony. It is very suitable for school celebrations, school meetings, graduation ceremonies and other occasions;

3. The school badge adopts pure metal electroplating process, the surface is electroplated with golden color, bright effect, more metallic texture, good gloss, and the surface is sealed with oil and is not easy to damage;

4. The school badge is essentially a zinc alloy, with a special-shaped iron sheet attached on the back, the product is more beautiful, and the accessories are powerful magnets, which will not damage clothes when worn daily;

Material: zinc alloy + back iron plate accessories

Size: 25*25*2MM

Production process: steel die-casting molding, front polishing, electroplating bright gold

Into the color: none

Packing: OPP bag/OPP bag+paper card/plastic box

Minimum order quantity: 1000

Brand: None

Uses: used for school celebrations, graduation ceremonies, campus cultural promotion and other activities.

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