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1. For this metal badge, in order to meet the demand for high-end and gradual effect, we adopted the process of using enamel as the background color and UV color printing to realize the more complex patterns on the front of the badge without losing the metal badge. The heavy texture.

2. The two processes of enamel and printing in metal badges complement each other. The enamel process makes color printing firmer and smoother, and color printing makes enamel more colorful, which is a very suitable process combination.

3. The back of the metal badge adopts a sand bottom effect, with a simple pin nested on the back of the badge, making the whole badge more practical and more durable, and can also be used as a souvenir collection.

Material: zinc alloy

Size: diameter 45*2.0MM

Production process: steel mold die-casting, enamel, front edge polishing, nickel plating, UV printing.

Into the color: 1

Packing: OPP bag/plastic box

Minimum order quantity: 1000

Brand: None

Uses: wear on the chest, or collect souvenirs

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