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Soft Enamel pin badge



1. The shape is a drop-shaped metal cap badge, which intuitively reflects the theme of the product, and adds anchors, streamers and other content to make the product elements more integrated, and the effect is more three-dimensional, which can be used for collections or daily wear.

2. The aluminum material used in this product meets European and American conventional testing standards, which is environmentally friendly and safe.

3. The surface of the metal cap badge is oxidized gold with a matte effect. The paint is used to enhance the beauty and representativeness of the product, and it also shows the meaning of the product.

4. The back of the metal cap badge adopts a nested method to inlay the screw, with a metal nut, which is convenient and durable.

Material: Aluminum

Size: 35*22*2.5MM

Production process: steel mold stamping and forming, front and side polishing, electroplating dumb gold, baking varnish.

Into color: Into 3 colors

Packing: OPP bag/plastic box

Minimum order quantity: 1000

Brand: None

Uses: wear on the front of the hat, or for collection

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