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PVC Bar Mat



1. The bar mat is made of PVC material, which has good flexibility, high heat insulation and natural viscosity, and can be used as a good raw material for the bar mat.

2. The bar mat has the functions of preventing bumps, isolating heat, preventing the cup from sliding, and increasing the cleanliness of the countertop.

3. The use of bar mats is also relatively wide, such as hotels, KTVs, bars and other places.

4. The bar mat is in full compliance with European and American conventional environmental protection standards, and the price is relatively low. It is very suitable as promotional items and small gifts.

Material: PVC

Size: 600*200*5MM

Production process: PVC injection

Color: 3 colors

Packing: OPP bag/hand box

Minimum order quantity: 1000

Brand: None

Purpose: insulation, shock absorption, prevent the cup from sliding or increase the cleanliness of the table

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