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PVC Badge



  1. This PVC badge has the shape of wings and different levels on the front to make the product more three-dimensional and intuitive. The hollow design in the middle makes the product more beautiful.

    2. PVC material makes the product softer, and the color of the PVC badge can be varied, reflecting the different levels of users.

    3. The back of this PVC badge can be printed with different LOGO, which makes the product unique. The accessories of horse needle and butterfly hat are safer.

   4. PVC badges are in full compliance with European and American conventional testing standards and are suitable for the elderly and adults to wear.

   Material: PVC

   Size: 65*15*2.5MM

   Production process: dispensing and heating forming

   Color: 4 colors

   Packing: OPP bag

   Minimum order quantity: 1000

   Brand: None

   Uses: wear on the chest.

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