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PVC Luggage tag



1. 3D embossed PVC soft rubber luggage tag, rich in color and good character shape. Can be used for collection or daily use.

2. The PVC material used in this product meets European and American conventional testing standards, which is environmentally friendly and safe.

3. The design of PVC soft luggage tag is a young design concept, rich colors, 3D three-dimensional cartoon character shape, adding a good mood for users to travel.

4. The product can be fixed on the handle or lever of the suitcase, it is firm and not afraid of falling. It is also equipped with an information card, you can write your personal information on it, so that you can contact you as soon as the suitcase is taken by mistake.

5. PVC soft plastic luggage tag, in addition to making luggage tags, it can also be used as a transportation card in ordinary times, so you can receive the envy of others along the way.

Material: PVC soft rubber

Size: 106*65*4MM

Production process: PVC dispensing, 3D effect

Into the color: PVC point color

Packing: gift box/OPP self-adhesive bag

Minimum order quantity: 500

Brand: None

Uses: as decoration on the suitcase, transportation card or hanging on the bag for storage

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