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PVCkeychain (3D shape)



1. The 3D PVC keychain is designed based on the protagonist character in "Harry Potter", with a Q version shape, the character image is very lively and vivid. This series of PVC keychains can gather all relevant movie characters together as a complete collection.

3. The expressions of the characters, the details on the hair and clothing, and the lines embodied by the PVC keychain are very clear, and the edges of the mold line are clean. The whole is very delicate.

3. Assemble the dog's mouth buckle on the keychain, which makes it convenient for users to directly hang the keychain on the backpack, which is easy and convenient to take.

4. The imported PVC materials used in the product are in compliance with European and American environmental safety testing standards.

Material: Soft PVC


Artwork: PVC injection+printing logo Color: Inject 8 color+print 1 color

Package: 1pc/fold box, or packed by instruction.

MOQ: 500pcs

Brand:Harry Potter

Usage: advertising, promotion, premium, souvenir and collection

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